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Boxwood Buxus The Boxwood is native to Europe and Asia. The Boxwood is a thick shrub and a member of the evergreen family. The Boxwood was first used in Egypt in 4000 BC. The Egyptians planted the boxwood in their gardens and trimmed them into formal hedges. Other cultures have used it was to make woodcuts and precision instruments. Littleleaf Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that is profusely branched and widely used in landscaping. There are around 70 species of boxwood shrub mostly derived from the two common boxwoods in cultivation: common boxwood and littleleaf. Littleleaf boxwood hasn’t been seen in the wild before, but has been in cultivation in Japan since the 1400’s. No one knows its place of origin, but it’s speculated that it was created by gardeners in hybridizing or has simply gone extinct in the wild.

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